Friday, December 10, 2010

Tree Bokeh

I’m not all that happy with my results, so I may give this another try later today. Cut me some slack, I’ve only had my DSLR for a few weeks!




How ‘bout a little bokeh with your breakfast?DSC_0701

For more awesome Christmas Bokeh, visit the Holiday Bokeh Party at My 3 Boybarians!


Ashley Sisk said...

Very pretty - I wish that was my breakfast.

Natalie said...

As I Scrolled I found myself thinking Ooooo Ahhhh..OHHH! I really liked all the bokeh and breakfast sandwiches :D

Snitz said...

I love how these came out - especially the first picture!

Lisa said...

Oh, I love the speckles of color throughout the third photo!

soniaa said...

LOVE your first shot!

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